Recent-ish Podcasts

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update but I wanted to send links to a couple of podcasts I’ve been on, both really fun.

I watched Are You There God It’s Me Margaret and discussed it with Anne Rieman and Ryan Perez. Spoiler alert, it’s good! Mama Needs a Movie: Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret.

David Ferguson (The Birthday Boys) and I guested on College Town with Erin Whitehead and Seth Morris. This is a really fun improvised podcast about all the people living this one college town. For some reason, I can’t stop bringing up the Mütter Museum every other time I guest on something. You can listen to it by subscribing to Comedy Bang Bang World. The episode is “Two Jans and a Weeny.” Here’s the blurb:

“Jan and Beebo chat with Middleston College professor of figure drawing, Janet Vanderwurf and local Mammet Valley slumlord, Don Weeny. Tune in for a mental patient era debate, Jan’s nipples, Beebo’s Toilet woes at Lake Havasu, barrel sleeping and more! Produced by Scott Aukerman and Brett Morris.”