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New Podcast: College Town

I guested on College Town with Ryan Gaul, playing a new character this time. It’s always fun to play with Erin Whitehead and Seth Morris, and I’d describe this one as “cheerfully gross.” It’s part of Comedy Bang Bang World and you can listen and subscribe on The episode is: College Town E81: Kiss Kiss, Jan Brain Jan Brain (feat. Ryan Gaul, Lesley Tsina) Here’s the blurb:

This week, on a very varicose episode, Beebo and Jan welcome Doug Hancock of Hancock Toyota (Ryan Gaul) and Museum of Spite curator, Claudine LaBong (Lesley Tsina). They talk relationship baggage, old school men, family dinners, toothpaste flavors and the great Monty P (mons pubis).

New Podcast: The Storm Runner

I have a recurring role as an extremely friendly and helpful alien in this sci-fi audio drama made by some very cool people. Check it out! I show up starting in Episode 4, but you should really hear the whole thing. Get it at or wherever you get your podcasts.

“Beyond the civilized worlds lie the Five Rings, a cluster of planets racked by storms. Ezz Bennil is a storm runner, making her living collecting the valuable crystals that form on these dangerous worlds with the help of her attentive (and somewhat reluctant) ship A.I., Boat.

But a chance encounter with a deadly new threat forces Ezz and Boat to embark on an epic journey across the stars in an effort to save the world. Er, worlds. Plural. All of them.”

Hero Hotel: Season 2

Hero Hotel, an audio podcast based on the very funny kids’ graphic novel by Yehudi Mercado, just released their second season. I worked on the new season with a bunch of other fun writers.

In this adventure comedy, Chet Zebrowski works at his Grandma Zee’s hotel for superheroes. When hijinks and mayhem erupt – all while the heroes are on vacation and unwilling to lift a finger – it’s up to Chet and his super-powered cat Boomer to save the day. But will catering to the needs of these demanding supers push Chet too far?

You can listen to it here:

Her Wanton Wager

I’m back on Becky Feldman’s romance novel podcast Too Stupid to Live discussing Grace Callaway’s second Mayhem in Mayfair book, “Her Wanton Wager,” which we both loved. Highlights: Handjob gazebos, gambling hells and whether or not people said “whatever” in the Regency period. I’d say NSFW but what does that even mean these days? Also, probably the most giggling I’ve done on a single podcast, ever.

Too Stupid to Live: Cheap Romance Novel Reviews · Her Wanton Wager with Lesley Tsina

Two Packs a Week podcast

I guested on Two Packs a Week, the trading card podcast hosted by Geoffrey Golden of The Devastator. We open a Wacky Pack and a pack of The California Raisins World Tour cards. Find out which countries the Raisins toured to!  Listen to us argue about the actual size of the California Raisins. Are they tiny? Do we depict them as they’re tiny to make them seem less threatening? Episode here:

You can view pictures of the cards we talk about at:


I’m on Lady to Lady this week

lady to lady pic

I guested on the Lady to Lady podcast this week. It was delightful.

Lady to Lady EP. 144 “Class, Bach and Dice” ft. Lesley Tsina

Lesley Tsina (@LesleyTsina) joins the ladies to discuss the Entourage OH YEAH, Windows 95, Clippy, Comic Sans, prostitution, sign twirlers, myspace quiz, sylvia plath, monkeys and more! Produced by David Janove, booker Marie Colette, theme song Zach Ames.

Available on iTunes, Stitcher, Audioboo, & at: