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Hero High Ep. 1

“Hero High,” the “Legend of Zelda” parody webseries I was in, has finally surfaced on YouTube. Will more episodes appear at some point? Probably not. But it’s cool to finally get to see it. I voiced Imelda/Impa, Zelda’s very intense mom. There’s also lots of art from the series posted by @artistgamergal1 Anyhow, if you’re a Zelda fan, check it out!

New Thundercats Episodes!

Hey! I had two new ThunderCats Roar episodes air this week, “Mandora’s Law” and “Berb-cules.” One features my first-ever song in an episode and the other has a full-on giant robot fight!

My next episode, “Mini Mongor” airs Nov 12th at 8am on Cartoon Network and is available here and on various other streaming platforms the next day. Check it out!

Laws! Laws! Laws! Laws! Laws! Laws! Laws! Wow!

Super Bowl Hump Day


Weird, I don’t remember him being on set…

They showed this right before the Super Bowl and the original spot right after the game. Woohoo!

Did I mention that the camel’s head whacked into me during a take and I got a cheekful of camel drool?  It was gross, but worth it.