Second printing of my book

“Restart Me Up: The Un-Authorized, Un-Accurate Oral History of Windows 95” sold out its first printing. Holy crap! The second edition is now available and it makes a great holiday gift!

The best way to get a print copy right now is to order it from Devastator Press
Or you can get the ebook on Amazon

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Also, how sweet is this vintage Microsoft ad?


Two Packs a Week podcast

I guested on Two Packs a Week, the trading card podcast hosted by Geoffrey Golden of The Devastator. We open a Wacky Pack and a pack of The California Raisins World Tour cards. Find out which countries the Raisins toured to!  Listen to us argue about the actual size of the California Raisins. Are they tiny? Do we depict them as they’re tiny to make them seem less threatening? Episode here:

You can view pictures of the cards we talk about at:


New book review in the Swarthmore College Bulletin

My college alumni magazine reviewed my book in oral history format!

Swarthmore College Bulletin: Windows 95 Forever

“Clearly, she put her Swarthmore degree in theater to good use. It reads like a movie script, but with jokes about X-Files fan fiction and Comic Sans. ” – Pam Harris and Kate Carter

I’ll also be performing my solo show, Lord of the Files,  at Swarthmore next week, as part of Alumni Weekend. So, if you’re going (I realize this is a small subset of people) come see my show. I should also have some books on hand if you want one signed.