Did some VO for Leaked Oscorp Safety Video by The Devastator.

New video on Funny or Die - The Horse Who Said "Hey" - with Mireille Enos and Alan Ruck

I'm in the Community episode "Cooperative Polygraphy" - Watch it now on Hulu.

Also, I've been made into another gif:

mastermind greg proops

Recreated the cover of the board game Mastermind with Greg Proops for a photocomic I wrote for Devastator 9: Toys and Games. Issue available now!

Geico - Hump Day has over 20 million views now.
And now it's a gif. And a shirt. I have been meme'd.

"Lesley Tsina is a talented storyteller and comedian with excellent timing and a commanding presence." - Aisle Say Twin Cities

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