I'm in this sketch on Conan, explaining myself: Ashley Madison Excuses

My book, Restart Me Up: The Unauthorized, Un-Accurate Oral History of Windows 95 is now available in print and ebook on Amazon and Devastator Press

I guested on some podcasts, talking about the book:

The Long Shot Podcast: The Names Episode

Comics on Comics: Lesley Tsina and Steve Mazan

Brock Party: Etan and Megan Rosenblum and Lesley Tsina

Check out the book GIF!

restart me up cover

New commercial with Justin Guarini (!) Diet Dr. Pepper - Lil' Sweet Self Employed

Look for me on Season 2 of Transparent, starting December 4th on Amazon.

By the end of the year early next year. I will have a website that does not look like it's from 2004. Really. Maybe.

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"Lesley Tsina is a talented storyteller and comedian with excellent timing and a commanding presence." - Aisle Say Twin Cities

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