I did an interview about the video Asperger's High for Jennifer Allen's new channel Aspergers101. Check it out here:

Lord of the Files was selected for the Dallas Solo Fest. Coming up in June 2015!

I'm writing a book for Devastator Press, which will be released in 2015. More info soon!

My episode of "Black-ish" is now on Hulu: Black-ish: Crazy Mom. I play Stacy Kang-Nussbaum, crazy mom.

Currently in print: Grosslumps: Tales To Irritate Your Spook Glands, featuring my short story "Human Sacrifice High."

By the end of the year early next year. I will have a website that does not look like it's from 2004. Really.

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"Lesley Tsina is a talented storyteller and comedian with excellent timing and a commanding presence." - Aisle Say Twin Cities

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