Got a great review from TheaterJones for Lord of the Files:

"Hands down, Lesley Tsina’s Lord of the Files is the funniest show of the second Dallas Solo Fest."

Another Q&A about my show with TheaterJones. This one gets pretty in-depth about the development of the show. TheaterJones - Dallas Solo Fest Q&A with Lesley Tsina

Just did an interview about my show with The Solo Performer as part of their roundup for Dallas Solo Fest: The Solo Perfomer: Q and A with Lesley Tsina

New commercial with Justin Guarini (!) Diet Dr. Pepper - Lil' Sweet Self Employed

By the end of the year early next year. I will have a website that does not look like it's from 2004. Really.

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"Lesley Tsina is a talented storyteller and comedian with excellent timing and a commanding presence." - Aisle Say Twin Cities

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