Tickets are now on sale for my show at Dallas Solo Fest. Also, I have some new standup and improv shows coming up this month, and at least two of them involve free beer. See schedule page!

I'm in a music video Will Hines made for the Squeeze song Up The Junction. It is entirely about boardgaming and I like it a lot.

New commercial with Justin Guarini (!) Diet Dr. Pepper - Lil' Sweet Self Employed

I'm a guest on two episodes of the The Science Jerks podcast, talking about Windows 95, curling, my relationship with science and The Smiths. NSFW, but fun:

Episode 133: Bacterial Oncology, Forbidden Fern Love and Telescopic Contact Lenses with Lesley Tsina

Episode 134: Stick Insect Sex Wars, Stoned Driving and The Tesla Household Battery with Lesley Tsina

Lord of the Files was selected for the Dallas Solo Fest. Coming up in June 2015!

My episode of "Black-ish" is now on Hulu: Black-ish: Crazy Mom. I play Stacy Kang-Nussbaum, crazy mom.

Currently in print: Grosslumps: Tales To Irritate Your Spook Glands, featuring my short story "Human Sacrifice High."

By the end of the year early next year. I will have a website that does not look like it's from 2004. Really.

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"Lesley Tsina is a talented storyteller and comedian with excellent timing and a commanding presence." - Aisle Say Twin Cities

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